How many players are online in Conqueror’s Blade?

Players online in Conqueror’s Blade


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On this page you can find out how many players are online in Conqueror’s Blade right now. To update the current status of the number of players, just click on the update button. It is worth noting that the more popular the game, the stronger the jumps in statistics.

This indicator may also be affected by regional servers, which may drop players or not transmit statistics about them to the collection services, as well as championships and other game activities currently being held.

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*We receive information from the statistics servers, the maximum error is 2-4%, depending on the load on the network.

Describing Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade is an impressive free—to-play multiplayer action game offering a unique clash of weapons and cultures: class-based combat, squad tactics and campaign-level strategy combine in a unique historical world where iconic weapons, units and tactics of the medieval West meet those of the East for the first time.


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